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Verified Header of XSL STYLESHEET
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Header -->
Object-Based Extensions in XSL Transformations,
Version 1.0 (Draft)
<name type="company">NEW MILLENNIUM SOFTWARE</name>
<edition>Second draft <date>25 October 2002</date></edition>
<name type="company">NEW MILLENNIUM SOFTWARE</name>
<date>25 October 2002</date>
Object-Based Extensions in XSL Transformations,
Version 1.0 (Draft)
<name type="company">NEW MILLENNIUM SOFTWARE</name>
<date>25 October 2002</date>
<creation><date>25 October 2002</date></creation>
<name type="place">Monterey, CA</name>
<change>5 October 2002</date>
<item>The first working draft</item>
<date>25 October 20020</date>
<item>The second working draft</item>


<!-- Text -->
<!-- Front matter -->
<!-- Title page -->
Object-Based Extensions in XSL Transformations
Version 1.0 (Draft)
<docDate>25 October 2002</docDate>
Copyright &#169;
2000 <name type="company">NEW MILLENNIUM SOFTWARE</name>,
All Rights Reserved.

<div type="abstract">i.

This specification defines an extension of XSL Transformations (XSLT). It describes a set of XSLT extension elements and functions, designed to access, in the platform-independent way, programming resources implemented using various object-based technologies.

The main goal of this specification is to provide the universal extensibility mechanism for XSLT and to support interoperability between XSLT and various existing object-based technologies.

Extension elements and functions defined by this specification belong to specific namespaces and are integrated into XSLT transformation environment using the extension mechanism specified in W3C XSLT recommendation.

Extension elements defined by this specification may be embedded in XSLT stylesheets and intermixed with the standard XSLT instructions. The special version of XSLT processor is required to process such stylesheets. When an instruction corresponding to the object-based extension element is encountered, it is instantiated as described in this specification. During the instantiation, the appropriate object access operations are performed.

This specification also defines the set of extension functions that perform various object access operations. These functions may be used in XSLT expressions and attribute value templates in all contexts where functions are allowed. Values returned by object access extension functions may be inserted into the generated content or used as intermediate parameters during the transformation.

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